Health Exercises with Epigenetic Naturology Salute e Benessere

Health Exercises with Epigenetic Naturology

di Pierfrancesco Maria Rovere

This is the time to feel good! Gather all your energies and momentum, lightness and creativity, come with me to create a world of prosperity, joy, happiness. If you have difficulty to feel 100% fit, I will help you with these exercises selected from the best effective techniques that I have experienced in 40 years of study. They are those who have supported me in difficult times and I gathered them in this valuable book. They are powerful in the prevention and care of your problems and weaknesses. Unexpected events and the trials of life are part of the path; to face and overcome them is our opportunity. These exercises are among the foundations to help yourgenetic code to give its best, to bring out who you are to be able to undertake the daily journey of rebirth, leaving the old to welcome the new. So do plants that leave the old leaves to make way to new shoots fragrant and fresh, vital, to get here and now the best fruit. Dr. Pierfrancesco Maria Rovere Author of over 30 books on wellness, to improve the quality of life, is honored with Award for research and disseminates the sociology of Peace, based on the: Win, Win, Win Lifestyle.

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